About the author

Science popularizer Dave Zobel will seize any opportunity to insist that there’s as much beauty in science as in any of the fine arts—with the added advantage that you don’t have to go anywhere to see it.

His book explaining many of the science topics featured on TV’s The Big Bang Theory combines clear explanations with humor in a way that would undoubtedly appeal to even the most bobbleheaded character on that show.

On TV, Zobel has appeared as a talking head on G4’s Filter (explaining the real Big Bang) and Discovery’s Invisible (musing about invisibility cloaks and nanobots). On radio, he has written scripts for “StarDate” and “Says You!”, as well as more than a hundred segments for Sandra Tsing Loh’s “The Loh Down on Science.”

For the Los Angeles not-for-profit Trash for Teaching, he created a series of science teaching kits assembled entirely from factories’ castoffs, discards, and overruns.

He has written press releases for Caltech, published a method for playing a solitaire version of the board game Mastermind with nothing but an inexpensive calculator, and is a proud-slash-humble Grand Prize winner of the Bulwer-Lytton “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” [Bad] Fiction Contest.