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Dave Zobel—writer and presenter of science topics to grade- and middle-school students—is living proof that having heart just isn’t enough: you gotta eat, too. He writes science for the radio and television, with an emphasis on making it accessible and fun. Recently, he created a series of science kits for Trash for Teaching, a not-for-profit that turns manufacturers’ castoffs, discards, and overruns into educational materials for local school systems.

At one time, Dave was a software development director, during which time he somehow managed to shovel out a startlingly unhelpful sailing primer, Dave Zobel’s Bent Book of Boatspeak.

Demo reel


The G4 channel’s “Filter”:

Video: an attempt to explain the Big Bang.

Discovery Channel’s “Invisible”:

Video (auf Deutsch): invisibility cloaks and nanobots.


The University of Texas at Austin’s “StarDate.”

NPR (National Public Radio):

• Link: Bad writing.

• Link: More bad writing.

KPCC-FM: The Loh Down on Science.

The public radio show “Says You!”, a game of bluff and bluster, words and whimsy.

Audio (6:30): Unfamiliar lyrics to familiar songs.

Audio (7:10): More unfamiliar lyrics to familiar songs.

Audio (9:55): Computer terminology.

Audio (6:27): Movie title mashups.

The venerable and still-demented Dr. Demento radio show.

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, breeding ground for the opening sentences to the worst novels never written:

2004 Grand Prize winner (FAQ).

Radio and TV appearances. ( Interview excerpts: 2:00 min.)

Articles in GAMES magazine and Caltech News.

Press release—only slightly exaggerated.


Caltech Public Relations (press releases, etc.).

GAMES Magazine, proof that it's still possible to have a lot of fun even if you own neither a computer nor a PlayStation.

Scott Kim's “Puzzler” feature in NewMedia magazine (interactive version).

Anu Garg’s A.Word.A.Day, the best do-it-yourself erudition interface available on the Web.

Dave first found out how little respect is due the silly writer after some of his contributions appeared on the grand old Usenet online group rec.humor.funny :

“Hatless Atlas”

“No need for justification”

“Enter to exit”

. . . and sometimes he plays the bass guitar.